You know those self flushing toilets?

What a great luxury, to not even have to press the lever to rid the bowl of one’s own unsightly waste…

Ever have the toilet spontaneously flush before you have risen from the throne?  As if to say, “Next!” Your time is up!”

“Excuuuuse me?  I’ll tell YOU when I’m finished here, thank you!”

I had a new experience today.

Went for a good ol’ trip to the loo.  Prepared for the squat and… FLUSH.

I hadn’t even sat down yet.

Just freshening up there for me?

Well, now… THAT’S SERVICE!

Got to appreciate a toilet who goes above and beyond like that…

In other news… I am now the proud owner of a strange collection of toilet pictures.

Figured this pointless little post should have at least one photo…

Did me a google search… Got lost in the fascinating world of toilet design.

Meet ergonomically designed toilet!

Side saddle stink with a sink!

This hungry toilet noms 20 golf balls.

This golf-club head toilet does NOT nom golf balls.



Robaxaset actors take extra side jobs modeling fancy 2 in 1 toilet / urinal combo!



Well now… That was fun, wasn’t it?


Moooooving on…



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Ukulele Tuesday is BACK!

You can find it HERE!


xox, Maya

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YESSSS!!!! The return of SAPPY SUNDAY!!! The crowd goes WILD!!! HUZZAH!!!
Here’s a glorious list of some things that are bringing me joy!!

1. I love my new apartment. Have I mentioned that? It’s bright and clean and plastered in images that fill me with HAPPY. The view also takes my breath away… Mountains, ocean and beautiful buildings in the morning… Tons of twinkling city lights at night… I vow NEVER to close my blinds! (Dear Neighbours… Enjoy the show. Sincerely, Maya.)

2. To the cousin of mine who once declared that he would never get married and/or reproduce: I AM SO EXCITED TO MEET YOUR TWO BEAUTIFUL BABIES AND TO BE THERE TO CHEER YOU ON AS YOU MARRY THAT LOVELY WOMAN OF YOURS THIS FALL!!!!! Congratulations!!

3. Woman can haz a new blender!! (Thank you, Man!)

4. Woman can haz a fancy new chef knife! (Thank you again to Man.) *Note safety guard for my protection…

5. Joined a gym!! Started moving again. Lost 5 pounds. Going back in the right direction. Told my Man that I was going to be “two weeks hotter” the next time he saw me… *Success!*

6. Getting some great results at work! Building a strong team! GO TEAM CAPILANO!!!

7. Overcame my fear of public transit! (Although far from fond…)

8. MEDA!! (Middle Eastern Dance Association… Grand Bazaar… Weekend of sparkles and colours and the company of some lovely ladies!)

9. My absolutely phenomenal friend Daisy was in town!!

10. Speaking of Daisy… It’s our friendiversary this weekend!! It was MEDA weekend a couple of years back that we discovered, much to our surprise… We were actually great candidates for friendship! We laid to rest our swords and death threats and have been friends ever since!

11. The man whom I adore with my whole heart told me the other day, “You’re the one I’ve waited for my whole life.” And then told me that he’s never had someone worth changing for, and that I inspire him to be a better man. This man absolutely sets my heart ablaze.

12. Speaking of the Man, him and I are totally ROCKING the long distance thing. We were quite nervous in the beginning, but it has turned out to be quite a “growing together” experience. Our communications skills have massively evolved! I’ve never felt so heard, so understood, so pursued and so cared for… Even across the distance! How is this possible!!??

13. Alright… I’ve already started bragging about the Man… I may as well make you nauseous for just one or two more rounds… I’ll continue. What a match! What an incredible match! What a man! What an incredible man! Our relationship is an entire magical universe all to itself. Mr. Higgins, you are my Shiva, my man, my goose and my love! Thank you for being that man that I can’t stop bragging about, and the one who has captured my heart and who cherishes it every moment.

14. Sorry… You thought the mush was done? Just one more…

15. Well, all else pales in comparison to life altering love, but to continue my list of Sappy Sunday Smiles you did see my video of the awkward dancing hippy, right?

16. Oop! Sorry! More things about the Man. Man taught me how to make his home-made tomato sauce… NOM.

17. Got to see my momma, Jess & Renee in a mini trip to good ol’ Sopranos! (Need to find a replacement karaoke bar here in Vancouver!! Suggestions??)

18. “When you see a turtle on a fence post, you know that sucker didn’t get there on his own!” – Zig Ziglar, on surrounding yourself with the right people. (I’m on round 5 of his “How To Stay Motivated” audio series… Lovin’ it!!)

19. No Frills! Fantastic inexpensive groceries!! GO VANCOUVER!!!


21. Here’s a big one… Matty’s mom… (Matty is Man’s real name… Although you most frequently hear me refer to him as “Man” “Shiva” or “Mr. Higgins.”) Matty’s mom visited me in Victoria the other weekend. We went for lunch and had a FANTASTIC time! Her final words to me as we parted were, “Thank you for loving my son.” How incredible to have the love and support of the mom!! This brings me unspeakable amounts of joy!!

22. Uhm… 5 hours of bus, train, bus, ferry, bus is sooooo worth it, for even a moment with that glorious man… But this shower head was a pretty spectacular bonus… WUH HOO!

23. I’ve got an incredible new Chiropractor who is going to FIX ME!!! :) :) :)

24. I’ve got a UKULELE TUESDAY song in the works!! It will be posted HERE when it’s ready… ON TUESDAY! :)

25.My sink is SHINY, yo!

26. I “yo” a lot. Apparently I’m contagious. I’ve been accused of being the source of my boss’ “yo’s.” I also received a text message from a distressed co-worker this week, detailing the near escape from her lips of a spontaneous “HUZZAH!!” This. Makes. Me. Smile! I be trend settin’, yo! :-D

27. After hearing me sing, I was told by a bank teller that I’m going to be rich one day… I liked that.

28. I have an amazing friend, who, when I’m feeling down, sends me funny pictures of her baby. How can you frown when this face is looking back at you!!??

29. Had THE MOST incredible service EVER on the phone with support staff… SERIOUSLY… This dude was funny, friendly and determined to fix my issue! When we couldn’t get it over with in one night, he called me back the next morning, and continued to correspond through e-mail making sure everything was working well… I sent some feedback to GoDaddy informing them that this man deserves a serious RAISE!!

30. Made a new friend on the bus!

31. It was sunshiny and awesome this weekend… The sky was very committed to blue.

32. THESE TWO PICTURES HAVE BEEN CAUSING REAL GENUINE Laugh-Out-Louds for me.  Can’t control it!! :-D

Well!! That is a glimpse into the sappy joys of my heart right now… Hope your weekend was aaaabsolutely glorious!

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Huzzah!! Made a fantastic new friend on the bus!!

Boo!! Psycho old feminist bites the head a gentleman for offering up his seat.

Huzzah!! Good chap still knows he did the right thing and that none of the names that were spewed upon him by the man-hater apply.

Boo! Guess who arrives home to discover a significant shortage of keys in her posession? Ack!

Huzzah!! Hopping back on a bus with a giggle and a smile, and logging onto her blog to share with the world what an idiot she is… Bahaha.

At least we part on a HUZZAH!

Now let’s try this again… :-/

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So I spent my yesterday completely incapacitated… Did some really fancy “fall off chair with massive box of cards in my hands” acrobatics several days ago that landed me in too much pain to move.  (You know it’s bad when those who love you dearly and hold you in the highest regard are texting you suggestions of simply peeing in a vase… … … Eep.)

But my day was not COMPLETELY wasted…

First off, I went to see a super neat Chiro… He used this little device to attack individual bones… (I was only out in 27 places… No big deal…)  He would move one or two vertebrae to the left, and then the next to the right… And then adjust the opposing rib upwards… It all felt very precise!

I left very excited to feel better…
And then the “You’ve Just Had Your Bones Manipulated And Shoved Around In 27 Different Places” pain and inflammation kicked in…

So I spent my evening snuggling up with some frozen vegetables (BRR.) and working on my website.

Now is the time where you LOOK UP!  UP, UP, UP!!

Check out the top link bar!!

There are new things to behold!!  Brand new blogs, brought to you by yours truly!! Gimpy and her best friend, Frozen Peas! Heh heh heh.

N e how…. Yes…. Several new blogs.

Shimmies Hoops & Tassels

This is where I’ll be detailing my love affair with bellydance, hoopdance, etc.  Ooohhh, gimpy can’t wait to be able to shake it again…

Ukulele Maya

The journey of my love affair with the ukulele!  Covers, Originals, inspiration and move!


Remember that time where I declared a Facebook event called “International Month Of Get Your Act Together, Woman!” ?? The journey continues, and the battle rages on!!  This is my blog of life lessons, successes and failures, personal development, goals, challenges, vision and quotes that I just think are dang well worth quoting.

And then there’s still my own regular blog… You know… The one you are reading right now… Which is just a smattering of my own personal whatever-i-decide-is-spectacular-in-the-moment!!

So this is good news!!  Now… If you like my ukulele stuff but really don’t care to hear me talk about bellydance, you can subscribe to JUST the ukulele blog.  OR you can just throw your e-mail in on all of the pages and get all 4 delivered right to your inbox.


Huzzah indeed!!

Okie… Now time for more drugs.

Send me some healing energies, would ya, lovelies!







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The view from my window…

Where I curl up at night…

What I do at work…

What I inspire others to do at work…

Scoring sweet presents…

Missing someone…


Unleashing inner TIGRESS.

And getting back to things I LOVE.



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There’s a kitty on your lap.  She is happy and content.  You are her company, her ear scratcher and her furniture.  You don’t mind the arrangement… She’s soft and cute… You can stay a while.

Then comes the moment of truth.  The phone rings.  Your bladder fills.  You hunger.  Your leg falls asleep.  Kitty needs to be evicted from your lap!

She senses your upcoming betrayal.  Her claws dig deep into your leg so as to say, “Moving will mean your death.  Your choice.”

… image came from HERE


THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is how I feel.  Like a kitty being yarded off a comfy lap.

I’m catching my breath on the 20th floor of a beautiful hotel, gazing off the balcony into the twinkling lights of the never ending expanse of Vancouver.  Somewhere amidst those lights is my future home… I just haven’t found it yet.

I know, I know… I “Solemnly Swore To Stop Moving…”  Well, I lied.

What kind of crazy person moves FIVE TIMES in ONE YEAR?? Yeah… You’re looking at her.

Life was finally settling down after my year of CRAZY.  I finally felt comfortable, and like I was at home.  I was getting a groove in life and even had some art on my walls!

But adventure called my name… Well, adventure and a fantastic job opportunity…

Here we go again!




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Are brilliant.

A friend of mine has a brilliant and twisted little girl.  I think she deserves points for creativity.  It’s not her fault that dang bear got in the way of her Math Test success!

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Just received this email last night:
(Click to enlarge)

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True facts:

This year I have:

- Ended a 9.5 year relationship.
- Moved 4 times
- Seen a therapist
- Left a job I loved.
- Started a job I hated.
- Got into an accident.
- Been released from the job I hated, being in too much pain to perform.
-  Gotten my heart broken.
- Ended friendships.
- Gained weight
-  Struggled (a lot) and
- Cried (a lot)

Thank God that’s all behind me.  This year is coming to a close and simultaneously I am feeling a settling of peace, joy and new hope.

This year I have also:

- Discovered love
- Made new friends
- Landed a new job that I REALLY LIKE
- Been kissed like I’ve never been kissed
- Laughed (a lot)
- Hugged (a lot)
- Danced (Special shout out to Nath.  Thank you for your incredible patience.  You and Sacred Centre Dance Co. are my family.)
-  Made a difference in other people’s lives
- Re-connected with old friends
- Hiked a few mountains
- Discovered how deeply my friends love me.  (Special shout out to Daisy.  Woman, you have CARRIED me through this at times.)
- Created a happy place for myself. (I love my apartment.)
- Learned (a lot)
- Grown (a lot)
- Dreamed (a lot)

I’ve really got TONS to be grateful for… And 2012 is going to be one AMAZING year.

Matty & I have a project in the works.  We’ve decided that this year is going to be our transformative year into new improved versions of ourselves.  We’re on our way to “2.0″

Hope is such a beautiful thing.  I am so thankful for fresh beginnings, for forgiveness, for new starts, new dreams and new visions…  And for the opportunity to get up off the ground, dust myself off, leave it in the past and move on.

Here’s to each and every brand new day!



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